Shaped by Jared Squires (guitar/vocals), Luke Nevills (bass/keys), Brandon Hailey (saxophone), Owen Mayo (keys/guitar), Trevor Church (drums), Alex Dean (synth/keys), Sean Connelly (vocals/keys), and Connor Merritt (aux percussion). Cytrus’ eight-piece funk-driven fusion makes a place at the table for everyone, offering a psychedelic pallet of funk, disco, electronic, rock, soul, hip-hop, and more. The Seattle-based band is personalized by its juicy synths, bass-induced grooves, and cinematic live performances. However, the group is best known for their flowing transitions in variety, consistently sonic wall of sound, and undeniable chemistry. 

In their short time together, Cytrus has witnessed massive growth within itself and the surrounding community. Originally founded as a four-piece in early 2018 under the cover of HopSol, the ‘couple buds’ quickly began to absorb additional musicians before joining forces with a group formerly known as Bunk Foss. As a bi-product, the eight-piece has begun to build a dedicated fan base in the Northwest and beyond, co-hosting multiple sold out events throughout Western Washington and becoming a go-to act for promoters throughout the region. The merge sparked a turning point in the band’s sound, energy, and presence, ergo giving Cytrus its newfound name.